is currently offering couple of Free Softwares, below is the list of free softwares. You can download and use them for Free and even offer them for free on your own website, there is no need to take our permission, we will be adding more utilities soon:


  1. Save The Web – This software lets you download whole website including all Images, Javascript, CSS, HTML Files etc… You may download it form HERE
  2. Rectified Checksum – This software lets you check Various kind of checksum for files like MD2, MD5, SHA1, SH2456 etc… You may download it from HERE
  3. PEM File Creator – This software lets you create a PEM File using Certificate and Key … You may download it from HERE
  4. SSH Tunnel – This is a very simple and user friendly with for newbies as well as experienced users as won’t ask any complicated details to setup SSH Tunnel, all you need to provide is the SSH Server, SSH Server Port, username, password and Port for proxy that you want enable your PC. You can download it from HERE
  5. HTML2TXT2XML - This software lets you convert any HTML File or even a URL to TEXT or XML format, if you select HTML File it will ask you location of file, if you select URL you can directly provide URL and it will download it and convert it to your desired format and save it locally on your PC. You can download it from HERE

Many more Softwares are under development, we will post more details about them soon


Note: This page might not be updated frequently, please kindly check for more and future updates

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

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